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The on-site training service offered by SRS allows your personnel to gain an in-depth understanding of how the machine works and how to make the correct glue.
The company of technical expert, fully supported by a team of electrical engineer, software engineer and chemical engineer is at complete disposal to provide total solutions for starch adhesive.

This important service on SRS3000 allows our technical specialists to perform immediate on-line remote diagnostics, so we can quickly identify the type of the problem. By connecting on-line to the PLC & Panel View, we are instantly able to check and monitor all relevant production parameters.
The remote support service means that customers can almost always have the problem solved remotely on-line completely, avoiding the need and cost of the dispatch of a field service engineer to site.

Most components on the system we adopt are usually available from your local various suppliers.
The permanent stock of all critical replacement in SRS ensures that we can always react in real time whenever an original part is urgently required.